Visa Nigeria

Nigeria is in possession of large fields of oil and gas, the reason for large petrochemical firms to visit Nigeria. This can be for business purposes, but also for short and longer periods of work.


Visa Nigeria arranged by VisumPro, the benefits

Having your visa arranged by VisumPro offers many benefits:

  • VisumPro takes care of the online registration and payment to the Nigerian authorities.
  • Certain visas require documents to be legalized. VisumPro can arrange this for you.
  • You will save two visits to the consulate. We submit your application and collect your passport and visa on completion.
  • You will not have to stand in line at the consulate.
  • To avoid rejection of a visa-application, VisumPro will completely check your documents before lodging.
  • VisumPro can arrange the required photograph.

The following buttons will direct you to step 2 of the visa-selection-trajectory. There you can select from several types of visa and procedures. On selection the requirements for that visa will be shown.

Business Visa Tourist Visa STR Visa TWP Visa


At step 3 of the visa-selection-trajectory the available delivery methods will be shown. VisumPro will process applications on reception. Your visa-application will be lodged at the consulate at the first available opportunity. Use our pick-up service to hand us your application in the fastest and safest way.