About us


VisumPro was founded in 2012, by Frans Visser and Kevin van der Heijden. For several years they had been active in the field of consulair affairs, by 2012 it was time to stand on own feet. In 2014 Gino Hartogs joined the company. 


All in all VisumPro houses over 25 years of experience in arranging visas.



Full Service

VisumPro is full-service, a polular term. What does it mean?

Using our own couriers, we visit Embassies and Consulates in The Netherlands and Belgium (Brussels) on a daily basis. At VisumPro you may reach out for a wide variety of additional services. Services that make it easy. For instance: invitation letters for different desitnations, form fill service, photo service, Airport delivery, free pre-check of your application, urgent visas, etc.




A visa is a visa. A legalisation is a legalisation. This applies to all visa and legalisation suppliers.

With just the visa sticker in your passport, or a we can’t distinguish ourselves. In which way we can?


Simplicity in procedures, we start your application the moment it arrives in our office, status updates during the application process, adjusting expectations if nessecary, directly accessible.


Commited from beginning till end!